Killing The ‘DNP’ Monster – One Call At A Time Killing The ‘DNP’ Monster

It’s Monday morning and you have just had a fantastic weekend! Great weather, lots of food and drink, and a good nights rest! You bounce into work and fire up your computer… oh look, there are 112 new enquiries over the weekend for the properties listed on your books. This week will be your best EVER! Nothing short of a dream start…

Or is it?

You pick up the phone and get calling… here’s your plan: lots of calls, a lot of hustle, a few viewings a day, a deal or two closed by the weekend, and a nice chunky fat commission somewhere in the pipeline, just waiting to sweeten your commission cheque at the end of the month. Sounds like you’re on your way!

And then it happens…

The DNP (Did Not Pick) monster rears its ugly head and takes a wrecking ball to your master plan! You call and call and call and call… all those fresh portal leads… they just DNP on you. You dial and dial and dial and those smoking hot leads… they just “DNP” their phone!

You are strong and committed! You step out and grab a coffee, compose yourself… easy does it! An hour later, you give it another go; this time you get through to Angela…

“Hey sorry, which property was this”…

“Oh yeah. I think we found something already”…

“I can’t really talk right now, let me call you back”…

And THUNK! The line goes dead along with a little part of your dream.

Welcome to a “not so dreamy” Monday!!

Getting through to people is not what it used to be! All of us now have to do more with less time to do it. We all have the tools and desire to enrich our lives, but we still have the same 24 hours to do it. Successfully connecting to someone was never easy, now it is almost impossible.

In the new work-from-home-while-juggling-everything world, attention spans have gone from small to microscopic, and almost everyone is battling on almost every front.

The DNP monster is having a dream run; people simply do not pick their phone unless it happens to be either a convenient time or a known caller who will deliver value. When we call back our portals leads, we are neither calling at a pre-agreed convenient time nor are we a known caller guaranteed to deliver value. The reflex answer is to simply not pick up. I would do the same and chances are you would too.

New services like Tripler are changing the game. Every single property lead that you will ever receive from Tripler will feature the customer describing, in their own voice, what time they are free to talk and that they are looking forward to hearing from you. We call these customer confirmations of suitable times the “golden windows”… and when a customer tells you in their own voice when they would like you to call them, that is as much of a “golden window” as you can get. No more old fashioned “spray and pray” – dialling but never connecting.

Standard property leads from websites and portals contain no information on “golden windows”, or detail on the best way to reach a potential client. The DNP monster has a field day and Mondays descend into dejection and demotivation.

Try Tripler SMART Leads! We do our absolute best to tame the DNP monster. Listen carefully to the SMART lead, so you can plan when to call back a lead during their “golden window”.

The chances are you will connect! Property seekers are 66% more likely to close a deal with the first agent that they have a meaningful conversation with and, with Tripler SMART leads, there is a 300% higher chance that it will be you!

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