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Use Smart Leads With Deal Monitor

Now you can kill lead fraud with AI live deal tracking & management. Using our AI tools, Tripler can provide you with the tools to prevent lead wastage and lead misuse. Deal Monitor is WABA-based AI software that works as a CRM enhancer.

Tripler is here to help!

How do you tell the difference between genuine leads and time-wasters?

Tripler can help, by superpowering your property leads. By using the Tripler app, your leads can be quickly qualified and validated, letting you prioritise the deals which are much more likely to close.

Close 3X More Deals

3 Simple Steps to Superpower your leads


Download the Tripler app

Simply enter your ‘hard to close’ leads into the Tripler app. Your lead data will be kept confidential and fully protected


Validate & Qualify Leads

We instantly connect to the customer and qualify your lead using our AI-powered process. Your leads are now superpowered with over new 10 data points and a voice recording of the actual customer, converting them into SMART Leads.


Reconnect with SMART Lead

Now you can reconnect with your SMART Lead through the Tripler app and triple your chances of closing that deal.

Use Smart Leads
With Deal Monitor

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    Tripler is here to help!

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