The AI Revolution In Real Estate

At Tripler, we have developed AI technology solutions that enable estate agents to increase lead conversion rates by up to 300%.


A New Future For The Property World

The last few years have seen the rapid emergence of transformational Artificial Intelligence, which is revolutionising the world of real estate.
For an industry that has changed very little for centuries, there has been a sudden and sweeping emergence of a new age – an exciting future, driven by a revolution in artificial intelligence.


About Tripler Labs

We offer 20 value added services, which are exclusive to Tripler.

At Tripler we have accessed and created the best tips and tricks to close more deals, utilising the power of AI.
We provide a wide range of services that are powered by the most cutting-edge AI technologies, which are then made available to our clients.

From Tripler Labs

App & Chatbot Creation

If you are looking to have a more successful app, we put our AI to work to improve the customer experience, efficiency and security of your app. Chatbot integration provides users with a more seamless experience and method of finding out more information. Our team works wonders.

Website & Social Media

Take control of your online presence, AI- powered overhaul of your digital profiles. Website builders, content generators and chat- bots - fully integrated into your high-tech self- promotion. We are here to help. We build your website and socials effectively and efficiently - set-up to work and last.

Dedicated Calling

AI can be a valuable tool for businesses that are looking to improve the effectiveness of their telephone marketing campaigns. Innovation is at the centre of our service, with AI powering it. We provide a set-up, fully functional call system to boost your client base and outreach.

Intro Video Service

A personalised video is a great way to make you stand out from the competition, build trust and close more deals. And AI tools can help, with text-to-speech, image recognition and video editing. Our team gets it done.
An AI Avatar, within or alongside an introductory video, can also build your digital brand—a recognisable digital AI asset to outshine the rest.

Latest Databases & Whatsapp Tools

AI-powered tools for data gathering and collection, to build you the most precise and useable database. And once you've received your matched data, you can also receive the tools needed for successful WhatsApp marketing and messaging. We can show you how AI improves the effectiveness of your campaigns.

AI Set Up & Team Training

We are constantly up-to-date with the latest that AI has to offer. Not only can we set you up with the newest technologies, but we also offer team training, so AI can be understood and useable for everyone.
ChatGPT, MidJounrey, GoogleBard & more. Let us show you how these tools can work for you.

AI Logos & Qr Codes

For memorable branding, a cut above the rest, choose an AI logo design. We consolidate creative, accurate and customizable designs, for a logo that stands out from the crowd. QR codes elevate your business, are easily scannable and get your customers information at the speed of thought. We get it done.

Robot Humanoid Service

Designed to interact with humans in a natural way and used for a variety of tasks, such as customer service. Our high-tech, futuristic service will leave an instant and lasting impression. We are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology - robots lead the way.

Design & Digital Marketing

To impress your potential clients, improve your digital materials. Our AI-driven designs are effective and appealing. E-brochures and printable handouts. Web promotion and digital marketing. We offer innovative ways to boost your online aesthetics, to improve customer engagement.

Lead Stations

AI=powered stand-pointed touch screen lead board, to be placed in your office, offering Tripler leads in real-time to be claimed. An amazing, high-tech piece of equipment, for estate agents who are also looking to increase their efficiency.

Phone Systems & Greetings

AI can be an invaluable tool for clients to efficiently connect and communicate. Enhance your customer service with our AI-powered service. We train the AI systems, which provide effective greetings to keep your clients interested. Let us show you how.

Black Book Tools

Exclusive, fully-comprehensive and AI-powered service - the best of our tools combined.


About Tripler.AI

At Tripler, we have developed AI technology solutions that enable estate agents to increase lead conversion rates by up to 300%.
Our prequalified and enhanced SMART Leads are 3x more likely to result in a closed deal, and are accessible through our app. SMART leads have been validated by our team – who gather up to 20 data points from prospective buyers and renters – to perfectly match agents with their ideal customers.


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