How To Profit From Unwanted Property Leads

How to Profit from Unwanted Property Leads

During the daily schedule and weekly routine of an estate agent, you will come across and accumulate countless property leads. Not all of these leads could be useful or convert into a closed deal. Usually, you may abandon these leads to a database where they only gather dust. But, did you know you can profit from unwanted property leads?

Let us introduce you to Tripler, the app where you can share unwanted leads and get paid in 24 hours. Tripler offers a quick and easy way to earn money on leads you no longer need.

What Makes a Property Lead Unwanted?

There are numerous reasons why a lead may become unwanted:

Low-budget leads – those searching for properties below your average.

Out-of-area leads – those searching for properties outside the area you operate within.

Unreachable leads – those who won’t answer your emails or pick up your calls.

Slow-moving leads – those who are taking too long to close a deal.

Let’s say you can’t provide the right property to a lead because they are simply the wrong tenant, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. All these scenarios can cause a dead end and make for a dead lead.

But, it is precisely these unwanted leads that you can share with Tripler and start getting paid.

Why hold onto time-wasters, fence-sitters and window-shoppers?

How Can You Start Earning from Unwanted Leads?

The answer to offloading unwanted leads is straightforward. First, download the Tripler app where you can sign up for free. Then you can share your leads and start earning money. Either manually enter leads, upload a picture of your leads, or even send multiple leads by email – all through the app!

You’ll receive £5 per rental lead and £10 per sale lead, as soon as Tripler qualifies and confirms that your unwanted leads are legitimate. Yes, it really is that simple and speedy.

Once the leads you share with Tripler are validated, you will get paid directly within 24 hours. Even by sending Tripler a single lead, you’ll be earning profit on otherwise unused, untouched and unwanted information.

Anything Else?

You can easily view your earnings on your personal dashboard within the app, to track any money you are due and any money you’ve been paid. So, the status of your shared leads is always readily available.

What’s more, the dashboard is updated in real-time and completely free to use.

You can get the Tripler app from the App Store or Google Play, to start earning from unwanted leads.

Download, sign up, share and earn.

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