We generate our leads from multiple online and offline sources, referral programs and our property listing website TheMove.

Yes they are, for a period of time.
The first agent to purchase the lead receives 24-hour exclusive access to the lead.
After 24 hours, the lead is available for purchase by a second agent.
After a further 24 hours, the lead is available for purchase by a third agent.
After a further 24 hours the lead is available for purchase by a fourth agent.

Our leads include up to 17 more data points about the customer’s property requirements than a traditional internet lead (form fill).
You are able to listen to a customer in his/her own voice describing their property requirements.
You can review the lead details and listen to an audio clip of the customer discussing their property requirements with our customer representative before you buy the lead.
We deliver new lead details to you within minutes of speaking with the customer.

We couldn’t run our business successfully if our leads were not real. Just read the testimonials from agents who use the Tripler App on our website

You can buy Rental, Sales leads and Off-plan leads on the Tripler App.

These leads are carefully selected, highly desirable Off-plan and/or high budget Sales leads.
These leads are only available on a pay-per-lead basis and are not included in the Membership packages.

Once a lead has been qualified by one of our trained representatives, the lead is then matched to your preferences and delivered to your App.

We qualify some leads via a text conversation. For convenience, our Robot assistant Amy will describe what the customer is looking for which you will hear

One of the Tripler customer representatives.

You can view the leads that you have purchased or chosen, in the ‘My Smart Leads’ section on the Tripler App. The customer’s contact phone number appear here.

If you are unable to immediately connect with the customer then try again.
We recommend that you attempt to contact the customer up to 12 times over a 4-day period – a combination of calling or messaging.

Yes, you can filter the leads by clicking on the symbol in the right-hand corner of the ‘Pending Smart Leads’ screen. You can filter by name, location, bedrooms, lead type (rent, sales), budget and availability.

The lead will have been purchased by another agent. We only allow one agent at a time to purchase a lead, so when you like a lead, don’t delay in buying it, or you may miss out. You may get another chance to choose the lead after 24 hours.
We are constantly adding leads so keep a look out for push notifications and emails, or check your App regularly.