It isn't easy being in the property business. Digital disruption, shrinking margins, hyper-competition...but above all a new generation of property hunter that is looking for exceptional service from property agents, delivered immediately.

Over 91% of property searches are online and we know that Property agents are struggling with the huge number of un-qualified enquires crowding their in-boxes everyday.

For every 100 enquires that agents respond to, on average only 3 customers will actually close a transaction with them.

We believe that there must be a better way! 

At Tripler we have developed a technology solution that enables estate agents to increase lead conversion rates by up to 3x, compared to normal internet leads.

Our smart technology platform perfectly matches property seekers and agents and connects them within minutes.
Tripler removes all the 'friction-points' in the property search process, improves agent response times and ensures that agents are connected with only those customers that they are committed to servicing.

Tripler looks to find the right customer
instead of waiting for customers to find the right house.



Harold Gittelmon

A veteran of private equity investing (ex-3i) coupled with decades spent in leadership roles in numerous multi-national high growth companies, Harold has a rare combination of skills that he brings to our Board. As Chairman of the Board as well as a shareholder, Harold provides the Board and management team with strategic insight, clarity of vision, operational oversight and some invaluable common sense.
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Paul Marson-Smith

Having served as CEO and Chairman of Gresham, the UK's oldest private equity fund, Paul has been involved in raising and investing over $1Bn over a 30-year career in Private Equity. Widely regarded as one of the most seasoned investors in the Private Equity world, Paul brings to our Board a wealth of experience in managing, allocating and investing capital over the various growth stages of business.
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Baroness Kate Rock M.P.

Baroness Rock is a member of the British Parliament and is a sitting member of the House of Lords. After many years spent in the financial sector working in the City of London in a variety of roles, Baroness Rock has also spent many years playing prominent roles in public service and politics. Baroness Rock brings unique perspectives and experiences to our team. Kate is also on the Board of numerous fast-growing technology companies in the UK.
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Samar ( Sam ) Singh

Serial entrepreneur and technology investor, Sam Singh is the Founder and Chief Executive of Tripler. With 23 years of experience in building high growth companies in various global markets, Tripler is his 4th entrepreneurial venture and aims to revolutionise the way property seekers and estate agents interact. With a passion for speed, agility and a predilection for execution and action, Sam is focused on making Tripler the leading property platform in all its target markets.
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Philip Nash


Experienced and trusted senior leader with a proven track record gained primarily in the sports industry with extensive first-hand experience of general, financial, administrative, strategic and operational management gained in senior roles at a mixture of start-ups, SME's and listed PLC's.

Manish Mehta


With over 22 years of experience in operations across a range of international markets, Manish heads Product & Operations at Tripler. The global markets of Dubai, London & New York will provide the pillars for international expansion of the business.

Dean Salt

Director, Developer Sales | UAE

Dean heads up the role as Director of Developer Sales focussing in the UAE market. Working closely with the Team, he is responsible for new business acquisition and nurturing existing clients. With over 7 years experience in inbound/outbound sales and sales operations across the Middle East and Africa, Dean's dynamic sales approach and driven mindset add a valuable, and unique component to the business.

Jenna Robertson

Head of Fulfilment | UAE

Jenna has 5 years experience in the real estate industry in South Africa and now heads up the fulfillment team in the UAE, with responsibilities including channel activation, account management, fulfillment of client contracts and overall support required by the team.

Ruchir Mehrotra

Head of Channel Activation | UAE

Ruchir manages the Channel Activation for the UAE and Gulf Region. With over 11 years of sales experience across the UK, UAE, and India, Ruchir is involved in identifying and onboarding Agents in the UAE and Gulf Region while servicing and providing channel management.

Tom Barrington-Brown

Manager, Operations

Having experience in multiple roles with Tripler, from channel activation, product development, and customer service, Tom now provides operational oversight across multiple customer acquisition channels. He is a great evangelist of the product and is committed to ensuring support across the business.

Luke DeMarco

Business Development Executive | US

Luke manages the business operations in the United States. Located in the heart of Manhattan, he is responsible for onboarding agents and brokerage firms using his exceptional sales ability and years of experience in entrepreneurship.

Joshua Burke

Business Operations Executive | US

Joshua is a strategic and revolutionary specialist who has built a strong foundation in real estate, through building long term relationships with successful individuals, and organizations throughout the world.